Data-Driven Instruction

Data-Driven Instruction is a precise and systematic approach to improving student learning throughout the year. The inquiry cycle of data-driven instruction includes assessment, analysis, and action and is a key framework for school-wide support for all student success. Listed below are different resources pertaining to data-driven instruction. (Source:

ISNetworkED webinars on Data Driven Instruction/Using Data for Instructions

For additional ISNetworkED webinars on Data Driven Instruction/Using Data for Instructions, click here.

Online learning moduleUsing Data to Inform Instruction with Dr. Mary Rose McCarthy
This moduel contains actual student assessment reports as well as sample illustration for their use in course work and edTPA preparation.

Using Data to Inform Instruction and Personalize Learning: A Continuous Improvement Framework/Webinar
Education Week

EngageNY Presentations on DDI

The webinar “The Data-Informed District: Research on Using Data to Inform Practice,” hosted by REL Northeast and Islands’ Urban School Improvement Alliance explores current research on how districts can best use data to improve classroom instruction and student and school performance. To view an archive of the webinar, download a PDF of the presentation slides, or access related material, click here. Presenters: Jeffrey Wayman, Assistant Professor of Educational Administration, University at Austin and Brendan Keaveny, Director of Accountability, Rochester City School District, Rochester, NY

Article on Data Literacy in Education Preparation: The following electronic article is delivered with the permission of SAGE Publications and may not be used for reproduction or distribution. 

Click here to access A Systematic View of Implementing Data Literacy in Education Preparation by Ellen Mandinach and Edith Gummer, Educational Researcher, 42(1), 30-37.