edTPA 101: for Faculty

edTPA 101:
edTPA 101 is series of useful and valuable resources collected on the AACTE (American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education) website. To access these materials, you will need to register at aacte.

Illinois State University Spring 2013 edTPA Lessons Learned, shared by Elisa Palmer, edTPA Coordinator

edTPA Annotated Bibliography
The edTPA Annotated Bibliography, a new resource developed by SCALE staff, with input from educators and researchers, identifies foundational research literature that informs the development of edTPA. The literature cited provides a foundation for the common edTPA architecture used across 27 different subject specific licensure/certification areas and the fifteen shared rubric constructs that define effective teaching. This document includes foundational texts in the field relevant to the rubric, studies that provide an empirical examination of the construct, reviews that summarize the state of the evidence in that field, and papers, chapters, or books that make research-based recommendations for practice. The first section of the bibliography presents relevant literature and research that speak to the role of assessment in teacher education and student learning. The sections following are organized accordingto the three edTPA tasks (Planning, Instruction, Assessment), and by rubric within each task.

A Webinar on edTPA Implementation for Small Colleges
with Dr. Mel H. Horton, edTPA Coordinator, The Sage Colleges
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