edTPA: Overview

What is edTPA?
edTPA is a Teacher Preparation Assessment process designed by educators to answer the essential question: "Is a new teacher ready for the job?" To learn more about edTPA on the national level please click here. Information about the edTPA in New York State can be found via the New York State Education Department (NYSED) website or New York State Teacher Certification Examinations (NYSTCE) website.


The Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity developed the edTPA. For more information, visit the SCALE website.

SCALE Responses to edTPA Q&A
Click here for audio (mp3) and here for print version.

Resources and NYSED Memos

Guidelines for Requesting a Waiver to create a 14 week student teacher placement from NYSED: Approved Review Criteria for Requests for Alternate Models of Student Teachers

edTPA Faculty support materials, including the edTPA Implementation Resource Series is available at edTPA Online (edTPA Online Community is a secure community for faculty at edTPA institutions. If you have questions about joining after visiting the website, contact edtpa@aacte.org.)

edTPA and New Teacher Certification Exams Webinar presented by Jenn Case at Mid-Hudson on June 18, 2013. 

Summary of the Certification Exam Changes--Powerpoint presented by Stephanie Wood-Garnett, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Higher Education, NYSED

January 11, 2013 Letter from Commissioner John B. King to School Leaders about edTPA.

March 23, 2012 Letter from NYSED Commissioner John B. King, Jr. about the implementation of edTPA in New York State

March 12, 2012 Policy Memo on Teacher Performance Assessment for Initial Certification from Higher Education Deputy Commissioner John L. D'Agati to the Regents Committee on Higher Education

October 9, 2013 Letter from NYSED Commissioner John B. King, Jr. to K-12 school personnel about edTPA asking for their support and commitment to accept student teachers, partner with Schools of Education and learn about the benefits of videotaping as a tool for professional development as well as a requirement of the new edTPA.

edTPA for New York State: Resources including Newsletters, FAQs and archived presentations (webinars)

edTPA Standard Setting: Presentation to the Board of Regents, October 21, 2013

Overview of edTPA Implementation by Mel Horton, edTPA Coordinator, The Sage Collges, for the Mid-Hudson Region, June 2013 Click Here

edTPA Implementation:Lessons Learned, a webinar developed and presented by Elisa Palmer, edTPA Coordinator, Illinois State University

edTPA Orientation for Field Supervisors, Cooperating Teachers and Candidates