Resources on Common Core Standards in the College Classroom: ELA, Social Studies, English Language Learners with presenters from cIcu NTI Think Tank: Michelle Erklenz-Watts, Associate Professor, Saint John Fisher College; Wen MA, Associate Professor, Le Moyne College; Kathy White, Student Teacher Supervisor, Vassar college, at the Growing Evidence and Promising Practices Conference on May 27th.

Resources from the presentations: 

Session 1 & 2: 

NTI Webinar 1.
NTI Think Tank: Common Core ELA 
on Text Sets for Content Rich Instruction In All Subjects (An old strategy breathes life into Common Core Standards) with Kristi Fragnoli, Professor of Teacher Education, College of Saint Rose. 
Materials for Webinar 1: Text Sets PowerPoint

NTI Webinar 2
NTI Think Tank: Enhancing Pre-Service Teacher's Knowledge, Understanding and Implementation of ELA Common Core Standards with Michelle Erklenz-Watts, Associate Professor, Saint John Fisher College; Kathy White, Student Teacher Supervisor, Vassar College.
Materials for Webinar 2: PowerPoint and Activity Packet

NTI Webinar 3
NTI Think Tank: Common Core for ELL Students with Wen MA, Associate Professor, Le Moyne College.
Materials for Webinar 3:

Close Reading Primer by Sheila Brown and Lee Kappes, Aspen Institute

To assist teachers in understanding and employing the Common Core instructional emphasis on Close Reading in the classroom, this primer addresses the following key questions:

  1. What is Close Reading of text, and what are its essential attributes? How, and for what purposes, should teachers employ this strategy?
  2. What is the role of background knowledge in the development of reading comprehension, and when should teachers activate and/or provide background knowledge?
  3. What should teachers and district leaders consider about Close Reading as they prepare to implement it in practice?

Stretching Elementary Students in Complex Texts: Why? How? When?/Webinar
Dr. Mesmer, VIrginia Tech

Text Project

Core Knowledge has materials for Preschool to Third Grade Common Core aligned, pilot tested ELA program that builds students' skills, knowledge, and vocabulary in literature, history, and science are available for free download at their website.

Expeditionary Learning has open source modules for Common Core ELA  curriculum that combines standards-aligned content with effective instructional practices for Grades 3-8

A complete collection of PD Modules and Courses from Achieve the Core. Included are professional development modules ready to use in individual and group settings. Each module includes facilitator instructions, presentations, video segments, and hands-on activities in ELA/Literacy and Mathematics for grades K-12.