M. Hundley: Resources on Academic Language From Her Presentation at the edTPA Implementation Conference, October 16, 2013

M. Hundley: Resources from her presentation on Academic Language at edTPA Implementation Conference,
Saratoga Springs, NY
October 16, 2013

Conference support materials are available for download below.

Academic Language - Dr. Melanie Hundley (pdf)

Social Studies - Working with Big Ideas (pdf)

2011 ENED 2380-3380 Syllabus (pdf)

Academic Language Demands (pdf)

Academic Language Demands Example (pdf)

Academic Language Example (pdf)

Academic Language in Lesson Plans-ELA Questions (pdf)

Academic Language in Lesson Plans-Math Questions 1 (pdf)

Academic Language in Math for Melanie August-2011 (pdf)

Academic Language Purposes-Blank (pdf)

Academic Language Purposes Mandy-Example (pdf)

Academic Phrases for Interpreting in Language-Arts (pdf)

Analyzing Textbook or Readings (pdf)

Bloom-Expanded Chart (pdf)

Burke-Academic Language List (pdf)

College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Writing (pdf)

Command Terms from the International Baccalaureate (pdf)

Commonly Used Test Prompts (pdf)

Language Task: Compare Example (pdf)

Context-The Program (pdf)

Context-The School (pdf)

Contrast (pdf)

Core Practices for ENED (pdf)

Definitions of the CCSS (pdf)

Genre List (pdf)

Getting Ready to Write (pdf)

Jay Intro Mini Lesson-RJ (pdf)

Know Understand Do Chart (pdf)

Language Task-blank (pdf)

Lesson Plan (pdf)

Lesson Plan-2012 (pdf)

Lesson Plan-template (pdf)

Observation Notes and Information (pdf)

Observing Frogs and Toads (pdf)

Peer-Feedback-writing-group (pdf)

Reading (pdf)

Sentence Frames Notes (pdf)

Social Studies - writing an argument (pdf)

Student Notes for Academic Language (pdf)

Task Practice (pdf)

They Say I Say-Templates (pdf)

Using My Evidence - Frogs and Toads (pdf)

Using My Evidence - Monster and Frankenstein (pdf)

Venn Frogs and Toads (pdf)

Venn Steve and-Monster (pdf)

Webcast1005 - academic language (pdf)