Performance Assessment and Certification

SCALE Responses to edTPA Q&A
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Math Matters: Lessons Learned from Task 4 presentation at edTPA Implementation Conference

Lesson Learned: Elementary Education Field Tests presentation at edTPA Implementation Conference

Curriculum Mapping Across the Content Area presentation at edTPA Implementation Conference

What Supervisors Say About edTPA presentation at the edTPA Implementation Conference

Videotaping in the Classroom: The Commissioner wrote to the P-12 community in January 2013 that "...schools and school systems are required to allow those students they accept as student teachers to videotape a classroom 'for the purposes of meeting the requirements of the teacher performance assessment for certification'..." Click here to read the memo to the field in its entirety.

Teacher Certification FAQs: Questions submitted to the NYSED edcertpolicy mailbox ( are collected and the answers are posted to the the NYSED website. To access NYSED's Guidance on New York State's Certification Examinations for Teachers and School Building Leaders document, click here.

edTPA and NCATE Accreditation: SCALE and NCATE developed a "cross-walk" of the relationship between edTPA and NCATE accreditation standards. Click here to access the document.

Academic Language 101: A webinar by Melanie Hundley, Assistant Professor, Vanderbuilt University. In this introduction to academic language, Dr. Hundley defines academic language, examines academic language in the edTPA, and discusses ways to the support candidates. To access the PowerPoint from the webinar, click here.

edTPA and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: A PowerPoint on Opportunities for Demonstrations of Equity-Centered Pedagogy in edTPAs by Maria Hyler, Larua Yee, Saroja Barnes, and Roderick Carey from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Guidelines for Supporting Candidate: Voices from the Field: Video link below.

May 23, 2013
Candidate Support for edTPA
University of Washington — Seattle