NTI Think Tank: Common Core ELA Webinar on Text Sets for Content Rich Instruction in all subjects (An old strategy breathes life into Common Core Standards) with Kristi Fragnoli, Professor of Teacher Education, College of St. Rose

NTI Webinar 1
NTI Think Tank: Common Core Math—Elementary Webinar on Common Core Standards in the College Classroom with Virginia Lee, Lecturer, Skidmore College

NTI Webinar 2
NTI Think Tank: Common Core And Secondary Math with Brenda Strassfeld, Mathematics Education Program Chair, Touro College. 
Materials for Webinar 2: PowerPoint

Math Education for Teachers II: This report is a resource for those who teach mathematics—and statistics—to future Pre K–12 teachers of mathematics and to those who already teach in our nation’s schools. The report makes recommendations for the mathematics that teachers should know and the role of mathemeticians in preparing all levels of math teachers. 

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An article of interest for those preparing Pre-Service Secondary Mathematics Teachers: Reconsidering the Mathematics Preparation of Pre-Service Secondary Mathematics Teachers by Mary Beisiegel, Josh Chesler, Dana Cox, Rachel Kenney, Jull Newton and Jamalee Stone. Posted with permission from the American Mathematical Society (AMS). 

Key points about the Common Core for Mathematics Educators

A complete collection of PD Modules and Courses from Achieve the Core. Included are professional development modules ready to use in individual and group settings. Each module includes facilitator instructions, presentations, video segments, and hands-on activities in ELA/Literacy and Mathematics for grades K-12.

Learn more about Common Core:Math at Khan Academy

Andrew Chen's Common Core Graph with Standards. Hover over a standard to see it revealed.