Project Organization

The project was regionally structured, with statewide coordination and support provided by cIcu and a Sector Advisory Group. Independent institutions with teacher education or school leadership preparation programs were assigned to one of five (5) regions, . Each of the five regions were coordinated by a Regional Facilitating Institution responsible for communicating and coordinating the activities the region selected in order to meet the project’s professional development goals. Activities included workshops, webinars, curricular development assistance, local conferences and creation of video instructional libraries.

Independent Sector Faculty and Staff Development Project Organization

Year 1: 2013-2014

project organization

Year 2: 2014-2015


In addition to the Regional initiatives, cIcu also provided statewide programming (in both Year 1 and Year 2). In Year 2, funds were available through an application process for institutions to focus on the Professional Development needs of their institution. As grant lead, cIcu collected evidence of progress toward the grant’s goals and reported the project’s progress to NYSED.